FBI Director Thanks American Muslims

February 17, 2004

Source: U.S Dept. of State


On February 17, 2004 the U.S Dept. of State reported that the Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller said at a press conference: "Since September 11th, we have had substantial assistance and cooperation from the Muslim-American community, the Arab-American community, [and] the Sikh-American community within the United States. And for that all of us are tremendously thankful. Special Agents In Charge around the country meet often with the leaders of the Muslim-American communities. I periodically meet with the leadership here in Washington. And I want to add that from my view that 99.9 percent of Muslim-Americans, Arab Americans, Sikh-Americans are every bit as patriotic and supportive of the United States as any others of us here in the United States, and that has come out since September 11th."