Faiths See Common Ground

February 8, 2007

Author: Rosanne Barrett

Source: The Courier-Journal,23739,21193583-3102,00.html#

AGAINST a backdrop of growing cultural tensions focused on divisions, leaders from the three Abrahamic faiths in Queensland met this week to discuss their similarities.

Descended from the same historical roots, about 200 community members from the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths met at State Parliament for a forum to forge closer links across faiths.

In the first major meeting of its kind in Queensland, the leaders agreed to host multi-faith services within each of the individual houses of worship and organise interfaith youth groups. The Rev Professor James Haire said that although tensions had not flared in Queensland as in southern states, proactively building relationships was imperative to creating links across communities.

"We need to go further than just the rhetoric . . . and see what can be done on the ground," Professor Haire said.