Faiths Come Together to Fight AIDS Epidemic

December 1, 2004

Source: Inter Press Service News Agency

On December 1, 2004 Inter Press Service News Agency reported, "Fear of a rapidly spreading HIV/AIDS epidemic in India has resulted in a rare coming together of the country's several religious faiths that are known to have a tremendous influence on their respective flocks. Much of the credit for the new initiative must go to Bishop Pradeep Samantaroy, chairperson of the Synodical Board of Health Services of the Church of North India (CNI) who, on World AIDS day called upon religious leaders in the country to 'take forward the government's initiative in combating HIV/AIDS and ensure that no one falls prey to this fatal disease.' The Bishop told IPS on Wednesday that he was 'overwhelmed' by the response he got to his call from important leaders of the Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist and other faiths."