Faith Is Needed to Stop Spill, Activist Says

June 14, 2010

Author: Raymond Legendre

Source: The Daily Comet

A few dozen people stood on a stretch of Grand Isle beach Sunday afternoon, hoping that what they were about to receive in their cupped hands would end the oil spill that has caused so much suffering and uncertainty.

Six volunteers put mustard seeds in their waiting hands, a visible reminder of the biblical tale recounted moments earlier by Jeff Dorson, executive director of the Humane Society of Louisiana. Each was asked to plant the seeds upon his or her return home.

In a parable found in the New Testament, Jesus told his disciples they could move mountains if they had the faith of a mustard seed. After repeated and failed attempts to cap the BP well responsible for the weeks-long spill that has polluted beaches, coated marshes and felled coastal wildlife, Dorson said he began to view prayer as the only way to save south Louisiana's economy and environment.