Faith Leaders in Peace Pledge

April 30, 2007

Source: The Asian News

The UK's most senior imam and rabbis united against religious extremism during a ground breaking inter-faith event in Manchester.

Held at the Hilton Hotel, the second Imam and Rabbis Conference brought together prominent leaders from both faiths to create dialogue between the two communities and look at ways to create better understanding between them.

Both Jewish and Muslim attendees hailed the event a success and now want to work at grass root levels to combat religious extremism and create better community cohesion.

Manchester QC and prominent member of the Manchester Jewish community, David Beverley said: "I am extremely pleased that this conference took place in Manchester which is home to a large Muslim and Jewish community and considering the current political climate we need events like this to share interfaith dialogue.

"One issue we looked at was extreme religious texts that neither the Jewish or the Muslim community supported and we want to take this away with us today so we can educate our youngsters on the differences between following the fundamentals of a religion and extremism."