Faith in Charity - Charity Regulator Launches Talks with Buddhist Charities in Birmingham

March 17, 2007

Source: Media Newswire

( - The bridges and barriers to running a faith-based charity will be at the heart of discussions between the Charity Commission and Buddhist charities at a launch event in Birmingham tomorrow. The seminar is the first of its kind with the Buddhist charity community and is part of a larger nationwide campaign run by the charity watchdog to develop its knowledge of the issues facing faith charities.

Faith-based groups are one of the fastest-growing elements of the voluntary sector. One in seven charities in England and Wales has a religious core and the combined income of the 22,000 faith-based organisations is L5.12bn - reflecting the important contribution they make to our society.

Nationwide there are around 245 Buddhist charities, spread fairly evenly across the country. The total income for all registered Buddhist charities is over L27.5 million.