For Fairfield Couple, Sikhs as American as "Apple Pie with Turbans"

October 14, 2003

Source: Fairfield Minuteman

On October 14, 2003 Fairfield Minuteman reported on the efforts of Inni Kaur Dhingra and her husband Ravi Singh Dhingra, a Sikh couple who have been working to combat the prejudice brought against their religion in the aftermath of Sept. 11. Inni Dhingra recently spoke at a training session of the Fairfield Police Department, and also met with police in Norwalk. The Fairfield family has also joined the effort to educate children and faculty in local schools and local police departments to help others. According to the Ravi Dhingra, the approximately 500,000 Sikhs who live in the United States are "as American as apple pie. Apple pie with turbans."

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