Faculty are Finding Faith

October 11, 2006


Source: The Harvard Crimson


God may have a place at Harvard after all.

On the heels of the General Education report that added a religion requirement to the Core, a national study released last week revealed that the majority of college educators believe in some form of God.

Assistant Professor of Sociology Neil Gross, co-author of the study, said he was surprised to find so many people of faith in the professorate.

The study, titled “How Religious Are America’s College and University Professors” and written by Gross and Solon Simmons of George Mason University, found that 36.6 percent of professors at “elite institutions” identify themselves as atheists or agnostics, in comparison to 23.4 percent of professors nationwide. The study used the “US News and World Report” ranking of the top 50 doctoral universitie s to define elite institutions, and religious individuals were identified as anyone other than atheists or agnostics.