Expert Gives Tips for Teaching Islam in the Classroom

February 24, 2001

Source: The Dallas Morning News

On February 24, 2001, The Dallas Morning News reported that "Audrey Shabbas, an expert on Arab and Muslim culture," has devised a curriculum aimed at "helping students to understand how the contributions of Islam and Muslims can be taught in the same way that educators routinely weave the historical importance of Christianity and Judaism into daily school curriculum." Unveiling her curriculum at a February 10th conference sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relation, she "suggested more elaborate ideas that link several classes and many disciplines...Many educators recognize the need to resent a more balanced image of the world's cultures, said Vern Edin, principle at Coppell West Middle School and regional director of the Texas Middle School Association. Islam is just one culture that hasn't gotten enough attention. He said." "To organize a free teacher workshop, contact John Roth, program manager for the Middle East policy Council at 202-296-6767 or The web site is ""

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