Experience Interfaith

November 6, 2007

Source: Sikh News Network


On a balmy night in Phoenix, Arizona, on October 25th, over 300 people gathered together under an outdoor pavilion to participate in the 3rd Annual Experience Interfaith event. Participants removed their shoes before entering and sat down in the langar lines set out in rows in the pavilion space. The evening began with an introduction by Eldred Spain, current president, and Dr. Paul Eppinger, executive director. A prayer for fellowship was offered by the Mormon representative, as well as an acknowledgement by the City of Phoenix Diversity coordinator. S.S. Soul Singh Khalsa of the Sikh sangat then gave a brief introduction about Guru ka Langar, which was donated by the local India Gate Restaurant. Servers brought the food to the participants seated in the rows and interesting conversations soon sprang up between former strangers. Members of many different religions and faith traditions were in attendance, including Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Sikh, Christian, Jain, and Hindu.