Expanding the Definition of "Evangelical"

June 18, 2005

Source: The Oregonian


On June 18, 2005 The Oregonian reported, "Since the last presidential election, the word 'evangelical' is either an insult or an inspiration, depending on who is using it and whether they're denigrating others or describing themselves. According to typical news stories -- Time magazine recently devoted its cover to the '25 Most Influential Evangelicals' -- evangelical Christians are everywhere, flexing their muscles in the White House, in Congress, through the airwaves, on the Internet and from the pulpit. We're told that evangelicals are behind every controversial conservative idea being shopped around the public square, from the outright prohibition of abortion, assisted suicide and stem-cell research to the defense of traditional marriage, a ban on 'activist' judges and the establishment of a truly Christian United States. But now evangelicals themselves are beginning to object. They aren't as single-minded as they're portrayed to be, they say."