Ex-Agent Claims He was Fired From FBI Because He is Muslim

October 20, 2003

Source: Newsweek


On October 20, 2003 Newsweek reported that Gamal Abdel-Hafiz, an Egyptian born FBI agent who worked big terrorism probes, is preparing a lawsuit claiming that the FBI fired him because they mistrusted the fact that he is a Muslim. According to the FBI's account, Abdel-Hafiz's review was prompted by " a recent claim by his ex-wife that Abdel-Hafiz had faked a burglary in his home in 1989 in order to collect $25,000 in insurance money. FBI inspectors concluded Abdel-Hafiz had lied when he failed to disclose his suit to collect the insurance proceeds on his FBI background form." The FBI also claims that Hafiz failed to cooperate on a past Hamas investigation. Abdel-Hafiz denies both claims. Now some FBI officials are worried the case will hinder their ability to recruit Muslim agents.