Evangelicals Eager to Parade Republican Victory

November 22, 2004

Source: MSNBC


On November 22, 2004 MSNBC reported, "realizing that conservative religious leaders like [Pat] Robertson have been so demonized that they're lightning rods even among evangelicals, the Bushies relied on less divisive lieutenants to get the faithful to the voting booth. But if the big-name evangelicals lay low before the election, they have since begun a very public victory dance. Pointing to the wave of anti-gay-marriage ballot measures approved in 11 states and the 22 percent of voters who cited 'moral values' as their chief concern, the right is eager to claim credit for Bush's win. In past elections, evangelicals helped get out the vote but then quietly returned to their pulpits. Not this time. After years of frustrating Democratic rule followed by a gridlocked Congress under Bush, they now hold daily conference calls and meetings to review a long legislative wish list: conservative judicial appointments, a federal amendment banning gay marriage, abortion restrictions, tougher obscenity laws, school vouchers, a ban on all human cloning. And they're counting on Bush to deliver."