Evangelical Groups Mix Humanitarian Aid and Missionary Work

January 8, 2005

Source: The Baltimore Sun


On January 8, 2005 The Baltimore Sun reported, "Some evangelical groups are mixing Christian missionary work with humanitarian aid in countries ravaged by the tsunamis and earthquake, a provocative approach shunned by the majority of faith-based relief organizations. Spreading faith this way can antagonize the people they're trying to help, and there's evidence of concern among Muslims, Hindus and others. But evangelical leaders say they define humanitarian aid as having a spiritual component. Aid should 'share the love of Christ,' said the Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the Rev. Billy Graham and the outspoken leader of Samaritan's Purse, which is shipping shelter materials and other emergency donations to Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Of the victims and their families, he said Wednesday in an interview, 'I would hope that they would come to know the God I know.'"