Europe Insisting "Islamism" Incompatible With Liberal Values

December 4, 2004

Source: TIMES ONLINE,,3-1387077,00.html

On December 4, 2004 TIMES ONLINE reported, "A few days ago, pop celebrities joined 2,000 people in a march through Marseilles denouncing violence against women, particularly in the immigrant-dominated housing estates. The protest against Islamic 'obscurantism' and the 'fundamentalism that imprisons women' was led by a group of Muslim women who call themselves Ni Putes ni Soumises (Neither Whores nor Submissive)... From Norway to Sicily, governments, politicians and the media are laying aside their doctrines of diversity and insisting that 'Islamism,' as the French call the fundamentalist form that pervades the housing estates, is incompatible with Europe’s liberal values."