Episcopal Divinity School Creates Peace Pins for Iraqi Children

February 20, 2003

Source: Episcopal Divinity School


On February 20, 2003 the Episcopal Divinity School issued a press release stating that "announced today the school's call to conscience action in response to the growing crisis between the United States and Iraq.  EDS has created a series of peace pins on which the name of an Iraqi child and a dove is printed. These pins are designed as a visible reminder of the human cost of armed conflict... Recognizing that Iraqi children will be at grave risk during a war between the United States and Iraq, the school obtained the names and ages of children who live in Iraq as living symbols of our common humanity and included them on the pins... [Participants] will receive a small pin with a child's name on it and a card with this brief prayer: 'Oh God, Oh Allah, in your great mercy protect this child from all harm and grant to children everywhere the blessings of peace now and forever more. Amen.'"