Episcopal Diocese Rejects Buddhist Bishop

May 19, 2009

Author: Ann Rodgers

Source: The Buddhist Channel/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Leaders of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh have unanimously voted against permitting a diocese in Michigan to consecrate a bishop who is also a practicing Zen Buddhist.

A spokesman for the diocese said the decision was not based on Bishop-elect Kevin Thew Forrester's Zen practices, but on changes he had made to the liturgy in his parish. It came from the Diocese of Pittsburgh that remains part of the Episcopal Church, not the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh (Anglican) that left the Episcopal Church in October because it believed the Episcopal Church no longer upheld biblical teaching.

In order to be consecrated by the Diocese of Northern Michigan, the bishop-elect must receive "consent" from the bishops and standing committees of a majority of 110 dioceses.

According to an unofficial count kept by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, as of Friday the standing committee vote was 39-15 against the bishop-elect.