Employers Accommodate Religious Practices of Muslim Workers

February 23, 2001

Source: CAIR Action Alert

On February 23, 2001, an Action Alert released by the Council on American-Islamic Relations reported that Muslim workers in Minnesota, Indiana and Ohio have won religious rights. "Fifty female Muslim employees at the Bloomington, Minn., facility of in-flight catering giant LSG Sky Chefs challenged a uniform policy that...violated Islamic standards of modesty." Company officials agreed to a modified uniform. An Indianapolis private security and detective agency "agreed to allow Muslim employees to keep their beards if they provided a letter stating they were worn for religious reasons." In addition, "more than fifty Muslim employees at Columbus-area Value City Department Stores will now be allowed to take time off to perform their obligatory Islamic prayers." They will soon also be provided with "quiet areas for prayers and designated restrooms for ritual washing before the prayer."