Eid Has Become An Occasion of Interfaith Harmony

November 15, 2004

Source: New Kerala

Wire Service: IANS


On November 15, 2004 the Indo-Asian News Service ran a feature article on the celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitr in India. The article reported, "While going back to their houses and after having embraced the people awaiting for them from among various faiths, people buy sweets especially for their Sikh, Hindu and Christian friends. Special mention has to be made of political activists who greet the people after the Eid prayers. Near all the idgahs, the non-Muslims from all walks of life make special arrangements in tented structures for the customary Eid greetings. Eid also conveys the message of fellow feeling. Today, in India, along with Holi, Eid has become an occasion of interfaith harmony as well as a day to mellow away the enmity and feelings of heart burning. Eid has also become a symbol of communal concord."