Eid al-Fitr in Kansas

November 16, 2004

Source: The Witcha Eagle


On November 16, 2004 The Witcha Eagle reported, "roughly 2,000 Muslims celebrated the end of Ramadan's month of fasting and prayers Sunday by attending the first service held in Wichita's nearly complete mosque... Several people remarked that their prayers seemed more meaningful when offered in the peace and quiet of the mosque instead of the gymnasium of the community center where daily prayers had been held, said Nabil Seyam, of the Islamic Society of Wichita... Over the next few months the interior of the mosque will be completed with carpet and stone imported from Syria for the floors, and other finishing touches. Daily prayers will be held there starting in early December. A major fund-raiser is planned Dec. 4 to help raise the remaining $367,000 needed to finish the mosque. The project cost a little over $700,000."