Educational Opportunities Grow for the Women of Lodi's Muslim Community

May 27, 2008

Author: Keith Reid

Source: Recordnet

Nuna Migbel has long dreamed of earning a college degree, something she has in common with many Muslim women her age, she said.

A 40-year-old Lodi resident, Migbel waited more than 20 years to enroll at San Joaquin Delta College, where she has passed English learner courses and has enrolled in general education classes. While she has no regrets about dedicating much of her adult life to raising children before she went to college, the Palestinian immigrant has some advice for her youngest daughter, 15-year-old Ghadeer Migbel.

"My mom tells me not to get married until after college," said Ghadeer Migbel, a Tokay High sophomore, who has an older sister in college and whose father also is encouraging her education.

The Migbels say they have joined a growing number of Muslim women in Lodi who are making education a priority in their lives, taking what some in the Muslim community call a "broader minded" approach to the role of women in the family and in society.