Editorials: Religions in Maine

May 8, 2003

Source: Casco Bay Weekly


On May 8, 2003 the Casco Bay Weekly published an editorial by Najim Animashaun stating that "the Muslim community in Portland is a particularly active spiritual community... Our community is active both at the community level and at the individual and household level in outreach and interfaith activities in the greater Portland area... Portland’s Muslim community is surprisingly diverse, with Muslims from all over the world. Muslims from Somalia form the largest single national grouping, but Muslims from Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Morocco, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, the United States, Canada, Britain, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Turkey, Rwanda, Kenya and yes, Israel, are listed among our congregants... Living in America in the post 9/11 era has been both a challenge and an opportunity. A challenge in that the events of 9/11 put Islam in the spot light and Muslims in the hot seat, and an opportunity for Muslims in Maine to present an accurate view of Islam and to set the record straight. The community has participated and been represented at several interfaith events and services, including the September 14, 2001 vigil held by former Governor Angus King at Blaine House."