Editorial: Sikh Soccer Players Deserve Apology for Turban Incident

September 7, 2005

Source: The Province


On September 7, 2005 The Province ran an editorial on the controversy surrounding the B.C. Soccer Association's refusal to allow players on the field if they were wearing a turban. The Province editorial staff writes, "For the past several years, Indo-Canadian youths taking part in the annual Langley Labour Day soccer tournament have worn their traditional headgear without incident.

Why then, last weekend, did officials of the B.C. Soccer Association suddenly change their minds, refusing to allow the players on the field unless they removed their turbans?... Sikhs in Canada have fought long and hard -- all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada -- to establish their right to wear their religious symbols. It must be tiresome for them to have to fight their battles all over again. A little more sensitivity on the part of a few individuals would have spared them this fresh humiliation. The players deserve a full and unreserved apology."