Editorial: School Board Must Accept Non-Sectarian Prayers

May 12, 2004

Source: The Herald Tribune


On May 12, 2004 The Herald Tribune published an editorial insisting that the the Manatee County School Board should firmly commit to non-sectarian prayers. "Essentially, the board members must honor the pledge they made last summer to drop the use of the Lord's Prayer and switch to a nonsectarian invocation. If they fail to do so, they could face contempt-of- court charges and financial repercussions. Last summer's policy fell apart quickly. Visiting clergy repeatedly delivered Christian prayers... The board members now have a second chance. Their awareness of that opportunity, however, seems a bit wobbly. Although some of the members... clearly grasp the importance of respecting the diversity of religious views, others seem to cling to the notion that their rights are somehow being trampled and that it's acceptable to use government meetings to promote their personal religious views."