Editorial: Republican Evangelists Have "Twisted" the Role of Religion

June 18, 2005

Source: The Charleston Gazette


On June 18, 2005 The Charleston Gazette reported, "Walter Cronkite — one of America’s most respected voices, who addressed the Kanawha Valley’s business community five years ago at the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet — says America is harmed by far-right fundamentalists who wield enormous political power... He said Republican evangelists such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell 'have shrewdly twisted the traditional healing role of religion into an intolerant political platform.' He said they 'equate religious beliefs with partisan politics ... using religion as a tool to push their personal political beliefs,' which 'not only insults people of faith and good will, it also diminishes the positive healing role religion can and should play in public life.' Cronkite wrote this declaration on behalf of the Interfaith Alliance, a network of 70 varied religious groups opposing the puritanical agenda of fundamentalists. An Alliance statement urges Americans to reject 'efforts to sow discord and hate, especially under the guise of religion.'"