Editorial: "Pearl Harbor's Legacy"

December 7, 2001



On December 7, 2001, USA Today featured the editorial "Pearl Harbor's legacy." It noted: "Amid all the Pearl Harbor memorials one stood out as particularly fitting � a remembrance of America's worst instincts and a tribute to its best. ... Last weekend, a group of Japanese-Americans reached out to Muslim-Americans in a Pearl Harbor ceremony at a mosque in Santa Clara, California. The group, called Nosei, had two missions: Remembering this shameful episode in America's past and ensuring that nothing like it stains America's future." The editorial detailed the surge in hate crimes and other forms of discrimination in the wake of September 11, and stated that the observance of Pearl Harbor Day provides "an opportunity to recall how American values can go so wrong. By reaching out to Muslims, these Japanese-Americans are also demonstrating how American values can be so right."