Editorial: Out of Many, One

May 20, 2003

Source: Portland Tribune


On May 20, 2003 the Portland Tribune printed an editorial by Misha Isaak stating that "the reconstruction of Iraq reminds us that mutual respect and celebration of diversity are the foundations of a strong democratic society. But in our own country, the Bush administration continues to insist that Christianity -- at the exclusion of other faiths and secular traditions -- is the answer to our problems... This trend doesn't stop with Paige. The Bush administration has enthusiastically supported "faith-based" initiatives -- from programs promoting fundamentalist Christianity in prisons to church initiatives that address poverty. Of course, in many of these programs, along with a free meal comes a lesson in the 'truth' -- as fundamentalist Christians see it... But just as the new Iraqi government, if it is to succeed, can't promote the 'one truth' of its majority, our government also must not turn to Christianity just because a majority of Americans are Christians. We must not fall into the trap of believing that pluralism is to blame for America's problems... On the contrary, pluralism is democratic; pluralism is American... Let us not forget that the cornerstone of America's democratic tradition is pluralism... 'E Pluribus Unum' -- out of many, one."