Editorial: Nigerian Politics Should Take Cue from Opening of Mosque by Christian Leader

February 10, 2004

Source: Vanguard


On February 10, 2004 the Vanguard ran an editorial on the recent opening of a mosque in Umuahia by Uzor Orji Kalu, governor of Abia State, who is a Christian. The editorial commented, "His critics do not know what to make of this unusual gesture so they have gone to town to say what the governor has done has political undertones. And we ask: What in this country does not? Or to put it in reverse: What can we not politicise in this country? For the avoidance of doubt, we want to recall, so that we can refresh their memories, that that great Nigerian of all times-MKO-had done it many times and in disparate places before Kalu. MKO had done as much for churches as he did for mosques...We must encourage actions that cement our political state and not pigeon-hole them as some critics seem to be doing. On our part, we commend the gesture of Uzor Orji Kalu for this unique bridge-building and urge Nigerian politicians to take a cue from it."