Editorial: Nigeria Should Look to the Indian Example of Government and Progress

May 26, 2004

Source: AllAfrica.com


On May 26, 2004 AllAfrica.com posted an editorial from the Vanguard arguing that Nigeria should learn from India, the world's largest democracy. The editorial board writes, "India is the world's largest democracy. It has a population of over one billion people of diverse ethnicity and of diverse religions; among their religions are some of the world's oldest. Numbering among these religions are two of the most universal: Christianity and Islam. She has just gone to a peaceful poll and a coalition of parties will now form the government in place of the Hindu Nationalist Party that has been in government. That coalition rode to power on the crest of the popularity of Sonia Gandhi, Italian-born relic of the Gandhi political dynasty...Through all of this there was not the slightest hint of election fraud, nor undue use of force -- military or police -- to intimidate the electorate. But by far the greatest lesson of the Indian election is the love of country and service demonstrated by the political actors...The Indian example puts a lie to why this country has not been able to govern herself well and effectively. It also goes to the root of our lack of development and backwardness. India is big enough to be unwieldy; too multi-ethnic and multi-religious to be manageable. It is one of the leading nations of the world in technology; a world power and a leading economy. The reason for her progress, we believe, lies in being true to the constitution and in subjecting banal desires to patriotism. Perhaps we would want to look up to the Indian example."