Editorial: Lieberman's Presidential Run

May 27, 2003

Source: Fortune


On May 27, 2003 Fortune printed an editorial by Jeffrey H. Birnbaum stating that "Joe Lieberman should be the hands-down front-runner for President among Democrats. He came within a chad's width of being elected Vice President and is better known than any of his eight rivals. But polls show that the Connecticut Senator is behind in such key states as Iowa and New Hampshire, and political insiders don't give him much chance of winning the nomination. There are several reasons for this, but one big one is rarely discussed in public: Lieberman is a Jew... I hate to write those words. I'm Jewish and--I admit it--I like Lieberman. He's wry and wise in the right proportions and willing to defy his party on matters of principle. He's a good man. But he is also a member of a tiny and long-scorned minority. Plenty of people won't vote for him simply because of his religion, whether they admit it or not. And, I'm ashamed to say, lots of Jews are reluctant to back him as well. After suffering years of discrimination, they fear that having too prominent a Jew on the national scene could spark an outbreak of anti-Semitism."