Editorial: Japanese Americans Sympathize With Discrimination Against Muslims

August 7, 2003

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle


On August 7, 2003 columnist Annie Nakao of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about the solidarity found between Japanese Americans and Muslims in America after Sept. 11: "The catalyst for this friendship was Sept. 11, 2001, the day terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center and changed America forever. In a single stroke, they also laid bare the vulnerability of Muslim and Arab Americans and South Asians in a world that saw them as terrorists, and brought back for Japanese Americans visceral memories of wartime injustice...it is heartening that Japanese Americans -- so traumatized by their World War II internment that they spent the next half century relentlessly pursuing the American dream of assimilation -- were among the first to step up and stand behind Muslims and Arabs in the days after Sept. 11."

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