Editorial: Islam Needs Louder Voices Advocating Peace

August 9, 2004

Source: New York Daily News


On August 9, 2004 the New York Daily News printed an editorial that reported, "the two men arrested in Albany for allegedly taking part in a terrorist plot were men of God. So friends and neighbors have been telling reporters. Mohammed Mosharref Hossain was a pillar of the local congregation. Yassin Muhiddin Aref was a prayer leader. They called their mosque the House of Peace... It may be that Islam in its true form is as gentle as a lamb. But in the real world, it is an aggressive, violent political ideology. It may also be that a majority of U.S. Muslims object to the jihad being waged against infidel Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists, agnostics and democrats of all denominations. But if so, they are keeping it to themselves... If America's Muslims don't want to be identified with America's enemies, they are going to need new leaders and loud voices. Slapping the word 'peace' over the door of the mosque just isn't going to do it anymore."