Editorial: Interfaith Gathering in Kansas City Inspires Community

February 7, 2005

Source: The Kansas City Star


On February 7, 2005 The Kansas City Star reported, "the Arabic and Hebrew words for 'peace' joined together to name the event was a perfect moniker for such an expansive aspiration. But I was surprised by the event itself. I've been doing interfaith work here for 20 years and never have seen anything like it. No organization could have created it, and the individuals who put it together wisely avoided institutional sponsorship. This was an event of the people, by the people and for the people. All people. Christians, Jews, Muslims, certainly, and folks from the dozen or so other faiths in our town were also represented. And Kansas City Mayor Pro Tem Alvin Brooks and Leawood Mayor Peggy Dunn brought both sides of the state line together."