Editorial: Imam W.D. Mohammed Worked for Equality and Peace

September 10, 2003

Source: Beliefnet.com


On September 10, 2003 Beliefnet.com ran an editorial column by Precious Muhammad, a Pluralism Project research affiliate, on her experience of W.D. Mohammed's leadership while growing up as an African-American Muslim. She writes, "Imam Mohammed's teachings... incubated the desire within me to become a scholar of religion and champion of peace. I recall fondly how my siblings and I would listen to the imam’s radio broadcasts or attend his Friday sermons in Chicago." She also drew attention to the lack of public awareness of Mohammed's work: "Though completely deserving, Imam Mohammed has never been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, or anything comparable to it, and even the most astute scholars of African-American studies, religion, and world history have often left him glaringly out of the picture. Unfortunately, few people know the story of this humble man, whose ministry is titled 'The Mosque Cares,' and how he taught hundreds of thousands (some studies report at least 2 million) of African Americans to be soldiers for universal human excellence and tolerance in the name of Islam."