Editorial: Freedom of Religion, or Freedom From Religion?

May 31, 2004

Source: GOPUSA


On May 31, 2004 GOPUSA, a conservative political website, published an editorial noting: "'The American Civil Liberties Union is demanding the removal of a tiny cross that is among historic symbols on Los Angeles County's official seal,' reports Fox News. 'The seal 'prominently depicts a Latin cross, a sectarian religious symbol that represents the beliefs of one segment of the county's diverse population' and is an 'impermissible endorsement of Christianity' by the county government,' according to the ACLU.... The ACLU, with this ridiculously absurd lawsuit, exhibits a decided hostility toward religion, mistakenly misinterpreting the First Amendment to mean freedom FROM religion instead of freedom OF religion. And LA will now have to spend a boatload of limited tax dollars defending itself against this frivolous lawsuit...or cave in to the extortion, thus emboldening others."

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