Editorial: Chaplain Yee Resigns, Still Seeking an Apology

August 5, 2004

Source: The Oregonian


On August 5, 2004 The Oregonian reported that, "this week, [Chaplain James Yee] submitted a letter of resignation, effective in January, admitting defeat. Despite the fact that he has prevailed in court against his accusers, he wrote, his reputation and his prospects in the Army are ruined. Was Yee, a Chinese American convert to Islam, targeted because he is Muslim? We doubt it, but no one will know for sure unless there's a full investigation. It's needed. It's not as though the United States had an abundance of Muslim chaplains to lose; Yee was one of 17. Sadly, his treatment will serve to discourage other Muslims from entering public service at a time when they are badly needed. To be sure, discerning traitors is a treacherous business, and Yee apparently counts as one casualty. The accepted approach when you make a mistake, however, is to apologize. Yee wants an apology, and we can think of no reason why the U.S. Army should be exempt from such courtesies."