Editorial: "Anti-terrorism laws singling out Arab Americans destroy trust."

November 23, 2001

Source: The Detroit Free Press


On November 23, 2001, The Detroit Free Press featured an editorial by Imad Hamad, regional director for the American Arab Discrimination Committee. It read, in part: "The question of trust between the Arab-American community and the rest of society seems certain to haunt us for a long time to come, in the wake of the appalling terrorists attacks. Our country has been dramatically challenged as a result of this national tragedy, which raises serious questions about core American values of diversity, tolerance and civility in a multiethnic, pluralistic society." Citing serious concerns about new laws, Hamad notes, "The American way of life is based on fairness, justice and liberty for all. All of these virtues are at risk, not just from killers who would massacre innocent civilians, but from our own government's rush to place security before liberty. In a world in which the president can simply sign orders creating military tribunals which bypass all constitutional and legal protections, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights are on trial."