Editorial: “Teaching Religion in Schools: A More Intelligent Course”

January 8, 2006

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer


On January 8, 2006 The Philadelphia Inquirer ran an editorial stating, "The 'intelligent design' trial, which concluded with a resounding anti-ID ruling, has exposed a surprising, yawning gap in American education. There's a workable solution - but, alas, you won't be seeing it anytime soon. Problem is, there's no place to put ID in our present public school curricula. We have little place to put any religious instruction. And in the United States, that's both odd and sad. So why not do what they do in the United Kingdom? Why don't all American school systems mandate a course in world religions?... More than seven million Muslims live in the United States, more than five million Jews, more than one million Hindus, and hundreds of thousands of Buddhists, Sikhs, and people of Shinto and Confucian backgrounds... Many school systems now deal with the complexities of religious diversity by editing out religion altogether. Few of our founders, even the biggest doubters, ever wanted that. They envisioned a society of inclusion without favoritism."