Ecumenical Conference will Explore Women in Religion, Leadership Roles

October 16, 2006

Author: Daphne Mack

Source: Episcopal News Service

More than 60 female religion educators, leaders, activists and scholars representing various faiths from around the world are set to make their voices heard at the "Women in Religion in the 21st Century" conference, held October 17-19 in New York City.

Speakers, presenters and moderators from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Baha'i, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Shinto, Afro-Caribbean, and Zoroastrian faith traditions will participate in the Interchurch Center sponsored event.

According to Lois Dauway, chair of the Ecumenical Affairs Committee of the Interchurch Center, and conference chair, the gathering will be the first of its kind in size and scope for women and has been recognized and endorsed by more than 40 agencies internationally.

It will explore the roles of leadership for women, the impact of women in religious communities, how religion affects women's lives, and the historical perspective of women in religion.

"I think the conference is significant because the world is increasingly moving toward religious division and violence," said Abagail Nelson, vice president for program for Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD). "This conference gives women a chance to say that we together can be a source of hope and healing and that we can reach across boundaries and understand and support each other."

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