Dutch Fear Backlash Directed at Muslims After Murder of Filmmaker

November 3, 2004

Source: BBC News


On November 3, 2004 the BBC News reported, "When the populist politician Pim Fortuyn was assassinated two years ago, it was said the Netherlands had lost its innocence.

By comparison, film maker Theo van Gogh's murder has evoked sensations of d�j� vu, rather than disbelief. But that does not mean the fall-out will be any less serious.

In 2002, the revelation that Pim Fortuyn's killer was a very Dutch environmental activist, and not a Muslim, had a sobering effect on the angry mobs who were ready to go on the rampage, torch in hand.

But this time, there were eyewitness descriptions of the murderer's traditional Moroccan jallaba.

And then there was the manner in which Van Gogh was killed: his throat was reportedly cut, bringing to mind the words of an angry Muslim only a few months ago that people like Van Gogh who blasphemed against Islam should be 'slaughtered like pigs.'"