Druids, Rastafarians And Atheists In New Religious Studies Classes

March 24, 2009

Author: Graeme Paton

Source: Telegraph


Lessons will also focus on Druids and Rastafarianism as part of a syllabus designed to boost understanding of religious diversity around the world.

Attitudes by different faiths towards same sex marriages, human rights, gender equality and even GM crops will be among the topics covered.

The course will largely snub traditional lessons on the Bible and other holy books.

Examiners said the syllabus - by one of Britain's biggest exam boards - will make the subject more "relevant" to students.

But it has been criticised for "pandering to popularity".

Religious studies is currently one of the fastest-growing GCSEs in the UK and in the last two years the number of entries has increased by 24,000 to 171,000.