Drama Celebrates Common Story of "The Children of Abraham"

May 4, 2004

Source: The Detroit News


On May 4, 2004 The Detroit News reported, "Gary Gordon lives in Duluth, Minn., a community with a small number of Jewish and Islamic families. When he heard about a drama project being staged in Metro Detroit that explores the possibility of peace between the two religions’ followers through the story of the ancient religious leader Abraham, Gordon began raising money to bring the play to his town... Gordon is part of the buzz surrounding 'The Children of Abraham,' a show written by and based upon the conversations of a group of Muslim, Jewish and Christian teens pondering the possibility of peace between their religions. It is being staged for the second time tonight in Farmington Hills. Since it premiered in March, the play has resonated with people around the world, from London to Australia to Saudi Arabia... The show is sponsored by the interfaith partnerships of Rosenberg, the Mosaic Youth Theatre in Detroit and the National Conference for Community and Justice, Michigan Region. The script weaves the ancient story of Abraham, the father of three religions, and his two sons Isaac and Ishmael, along with modern stories portraying situations local teens face because of their religion."