Dr. Farhang Mehr Delivers Two Lectures in Washington, DC

June 1, 2003

Source: Fezana Journal

On June 1, 2003 the Fezana Journal reported that "North America's eminent Zarathushti scholar and leader, Dr. Farhang Mehr, together with an Interfaith Youth Panel, addressed a ZAMWI and an inter-faith audience of well over 150 on March 29 [at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Rockville, MD] on [the] Relevance of Zorastrianism in Today's Multi-faith World... WZO (US Chapter) then arranged for its contacts in US's largest library, the prestigious Library of Congress, to sponsor another talk by Dr. Mehr on [the] Impact of Religion on Politics in Middle East. Its main objective was to make Washington's intellectual, university, think-tank and political circles aware that Zarathushtis are part of the US milieu-- by offering a talk by a well-known Zarathushti with scholarly and political credentials, including as Iran's ex-Deputy Prime Minister."