Dovetail: National Resource Group for Interfaith Couples

January 25, 2003

Source: Mercury News

On January 25, 2003 the Mercury News reported that "in 1991, Joan Hawxhurst, the granddaughter of a Baptist minister, married Steve Bertman, the grandson of Jewish immigrants. Soon, she began looking for organizations to help her negotiate the unpredictable religious terrain she and her husband found themselves exploring. There wasn't much out there that was 'open-minded and non-judgmental,' Hawxhurst says, so in 1992 she founded the organization known as Dovetail... A decade later, Dovetail Institute is one of the premier national resource groups for interfaith couples, offering workshops, handbooks and an online chat group where men and women can feel safe discussing the challenges of interfaith living and child rearing. Over the past decade, the interfaith scene has grown ever more complex, and Dovetail now finds itself responding to questions about interfaith marriages that are also interracial, same-sex and at variance with the 'traditional' Christian-Jewish model."