Dixie Sikh Gurudwara THINK GREEN

December 18, 2009

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Global Sikh News


Dixie Gurdwara is getting solar panels. Even as world leaders in Copenhagen are struggling to take positive decisions, the local Sikh community is setting an example and taking the lead to go climate friendly. Mississauga’s Dixie Gurdwara is going be the first temple in North America to go green.

“Solar panels will be installed soon and work on the project started from today,” it was announced at a two-day conference on climate change in Mississauga, held over the weekend.

In partnership with Climate Action Network – a Toronto-based organization that works on different levels to protect the environment – Dixie Gurdwara and Eco Sikh hosted the two-day conference at the Dixie Road Gurdwara and Malton Gurdwara over the weekend.