Diversity Of Islamic Art On Display In Fremont

May 5, 2010

Author: Matthew Artz

Source: The Oakland Tribune


Even after working for a year to bring a Pan-Islamic art exhibit to the East Bay, Fremont artist Nabeela Sajjad stills struggles to define Islamic art.

She says it's much more than just calligraphy and that it's as much defined by the diversity of Muslim communities across globe as by the religion's prohibition on depicting faces.

To showcase that diversity, Sajjad asked Muslims from across the Bay Area to submit works around a common theme of nature — the artists were given eight verses from the Quran, extolling natural beauty.

The result is "Legacy of the Qur'an: Beauty of the Words," which opened Tuesday and runs through May 22 at the Fremont Main Library. It features 40 paintings and photos from 29 artists, who trace their roots to Pakistan, China, the Palestinian territories, African nations, Afghanistan, Australia and the United States.