Diversity Grows in Suburban Michigan

January 9, 2004

Source: The Detriot News


On January 9, 2004 The Detriot News ran a feature article on increasing diversity in the suburbs. The article reported, "As the population grows in western Wayne County’s affluent suburbs, diversity is expanding as well. In Canton Township, for example, the African-American population grew 197 percent from 1990 to 2000, from 1,167 people to 3,466. The Asian-American population grew 163 percent during the same period...Arun and Mina Jaura of Canton Township moved to North America from India a decade ago, when Arun won a scholarship to get a doctorate in engineering in Montreal...The family moved to Canton Township for the same reason other families do: good schools. 'Our oldest child, our daughter, turned 5 and had to go to school,' Mina Jaura said. 'We had friends here in Canton we visited. Canton is nice and very diverse and safe. Plus, the Hindu temple being here, that was also an advantage.'"