Diversity of Baha'i Community Seen at UN Conference on a Global "Information Society"

December 21, 2003

Source: Baha'i World News Service


On December 21, 2003 the Baha'i World News Service reported, "The global diversity of the worldwide Baha'i community was showcased at a major United Nations conference on the creation of a global 'Information Society.' The Baha'i International Community assembled a delegation of Internet and communications specialists -- who are also Baha'i's -- for the UN's World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) held from December 10-12 2003. The Baha'i delegation included one of the founders of Africa Online, a top ranked entrepreneur, and Internet consultant from Singapore, and a CISCO Systems vice-president who is of Native American origin. It was headed by Canadian Bahiyyih Chaffers, who was appointed in August as a permanent representative of the Baha'i International Community to the United Nations. 'Baha'is believe that the emergence of a global information society is an aspect of the inevitable coming together of humanity in the construction of a new, just, and peaceful global civilization,' said Ms. Chaffers.