Diverse Group of Women Argues Against Headscarf Law

December 2, 2003

Source: Deutsche Welle


On December 2, 2003 Deutsche Welle reported, "Over 70 women gathered in front of the symbolically significant statue of the Roman goddess Minerva -- the patron of teachers and the goddess of wisdom -- at the German parliament building in Berlin on Monday to plead for a more discerning and objective debate over the Muslim headscarf. The group, which sees itself working independently of political and religious considerations, signed an 'appeal against a headscarf law.' Initiated by Federal Commissioner for Integration and Foreigners, Marieluise Beck, the protest initiative includes politicians from across the party spectrum, scientists and leaders from the church and media...The group resists equating Muslim women wearing headscarves with fundamentalism. Though they admit that the headscarf, veil and all-enveloping burkha are visible instruments used by Islamic fundamentalists to portray the repression of women, it insists that not all women wearing the headscarf are religious fanatics."