Diverse Fremont Residents Bring about Fouth of July Celebration

July 4, 2003

Source: KCBS


On July 4, 2003 KCBS reported that "Fremont [CA] residents took it upon themselves to make sure their annual Fourth of July celebration actually took place this year... the city of Fremont originally decided to cancel the event in the Warm Springs district, because of budget constraints, but residents turned to the community for donations to pay for it... Fremont Mayor Gus Morrison told KCBS the joint effort proves that no matter where someone came from or when they arrived in the US, we are all Americans... 'People [in] Fremont speak 137 different languages or dialects in the home. When you look at the list of registered voters, they come from 205 different places, 50 states and 105 other countries,' he said. 'It's a pretty amazing, diverse group of people who all came together to make a better life for their kids...' Members of the Sikh community offered free water to the crowds during the celebration."